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Kate Zehnter at her easel
Making art has always soothed my being. At the same time, it is exciting, frustrating, freeing. My art has reflected my physical environment and/or emotional state for the past 50 years. I have always created doodles or worked on mini-tapestries, which allows me, to keep my hands busy, be creative and socialize at the same time. Since graduating from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA in 1965, I have been an art educator and visual artist. While in college I experimented with many genres from sculpture, painting to printmaking. My three years stay in the Netherlands as a silk screen printer during my early thirties had a profound effect on my life. Its people and culture showed up in my art for many years after I returned to the United States.
Kate Zehnter holding paintbrush

I never know how a painting will turn out. With every piece of work, I discover another intuitive shift. The hard-edge oil painting with complimentary colors that emerged after college aptly reflected my state of mind at that time. In 2001, viewing 13th century Byzantine art in Italy led to my experimentation with various gold, iridescent and interference paints. In the resulting series, the paintings become interactive. For example in the "Lotus Blossom", the multilayered, translucent technique appears and disappears as the viewer moves or as the light source changes. Often I rework a painting over many months, sometimes years and they become a visual journal of sorts. The multiple dates on the back of the canvas indicate when an alteration was made.

Fiber art detail of Point of View

In the 1980s, I concentrated my creative energy in fiber art specifically a joining technique known
as twinning. My one-person show of wearable art at the Whistler House Museum in Lowell, MA
was a success. However, the desire to paint has been ever present.  ~ continued: